This is my first ever blog post and I wanted it to be a good one! However I am totally rubbish at english so bare with me

I wanted to write about anxiety because I feel like it is kind of overlooked in many situations as it has now become ‘popular’ to have panic attacks and be depressed. What has society come to? Although I personally dont suffer from panic attacks i have come to realise that anxiety is something everyone has and its just some people have it worse or react in different ways. According to google anxiety is: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

For example say that you don’t like public speaking and you had to do a presentation to your class, you might get anxious and get hot whereas another person might have a full blown panic attack. What I’m trying to say is people react to it in different ways and people have different things that make them feel anxious.

I believe that I have only ever had two panic attacks in my life one was when I had seriously injured my ankle and no one was there to help me and the second one sounds so stupid. Well if any of you have heard of a game called the room I was addicted to it however the music was very creepy and made me feel on edge, so when i played it by myself in my room I started to get a bit anxious and scared and then i  just had a panic attack. Its hard to describe i started crying and my heart started pounding and felt really hot all of sudden.

Although i may have only had two panic attacks, I sure feel anxious all the time. I’m quite a shy person and i hate speaking to people I dont know very well or have power over me. For example once this girl asked me to tell a teacher something and i didn’t want to and then she was like oh you dont want to? why? In that moment i started sweating and my heart started beating faster and i didn’t even answer, i just told the teacher what she told me to say because I felt so pressured and once the lesson was over i ran out.  I didnt like it that i was being forced into something i didn’t want to do, and i know people will be like oh why didn’t you tell the  girl why you didn’t want to? The simple answer is because she was popular and popular people really intimidate me.

So this is what i have to say about anxiety, feel free to comment anything below. Also if you suffer from anxiety this website would be very helpful


See you soon xx


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